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mnmMOD panels were thoughtfully developed in reaction to the limitations and risks inherent in traditional wood framing. They are simpler to build with, more durable, more energy efficient, and far better for your health than traditional wood construction.

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Conscientiously Made

Smart, Beautiful & Eco-Friendly

mnmMOD panels don’t just significantly reduce construction waste while drastically diminishing a home’s energy needs, each panel is also conscientiously made. We use Cradle to Cradle certified extruded polystyrene and 30% recycled steel in our panels, with no waste generated throughout the fabrication process.

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Creativity driven by passion

Leading an Industry Revolution

Visionaries Erla & Tryggvi are the people behind mnmMOD. Icelandic by origin, they are recognized internationally for their innovative approach which embraces contemporary design and employs cutting-edge materials and technologies, while still adhering to sustainable practices and design standards. Their work is marked by an emphasis on creative minimalism, and a passion for the future of our planet.

Erla and Tryggvi are recipients of the industry’s most prestigious awards and accolades including the Calibre Award, IDA International Design Award and several International Interior Design Association (IIDA) awards.

Press & Awards

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Hús og híbýli

Builder magazine


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Women in Sustainable Leadership award

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Design Bureau

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Dwell Magazine


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