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Tryggvi Thorsteinsson, AIA and Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir,AIA IIDA, both Principals of Design Studio Minarc as well as CEO/Inventors of mnmMOD Sustainable Building Solutions. With years of experience in designing buildings, they effectively demonstrates a dedication to working in sustainability and bringing innovative ideas forward in clear connection to sustainability.

They understand how to move change forward and have created mnmMOD building solutions to help shape their company to be beneficial to the community and the environment. The mnmMOD solution is an award-winning, high-performance factory-manufactured paneling system that eliminates on site-construction, yet allows architects and contractors to design and build in any form with standardized panel sizes. mnmMOD changes the building process, not design possibilities. The technology behind the mnmMOD panel system features a wood-free material palette that eliminates construction waste at the factory and on-site, mold-free, termite-free and emits no VOC’s. mnmMOD panels are sustainable, affordable pre-fab that delivers custom design.


"Exactly the Same, Totally Different"

2018 mnmMOD Overview Full Res.jpg
2018 mnmMOD Overview Full Res1.jpg
2018 mnmMOD Overview Full Res2.jpg
2018 mnmMOD Overview Full Res3.jpg
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